Mrs Seema Gupta

Mrs Seema Gupta with the modest begnning in 2006 as a women entrepreneur with export industry to real state & as well packaging industries.
She has been actively engaged in business,expension across the Globe .She has rich experience & knowledge of all most all realms & sectors in the business are including export packaging & real state.
Mrs. Gupta a firm believer in the team work & believes can one and one can be eleven. Mrs Gupta is engaged international social activities associated with international organization like Rotary International ,Lion’s International ,Inner wheel Club International & founded trustee of Mansi Foundation .The foundation engaged in uplifting the unprivileged students for education & impowerment of Women. Mrs. Gupta awarded by NARI SHAKTI SAMMAN & other various medals by social plate form of India. Now she plan to change to help make in India & startup the dream of pm of India to create the job for better life.
Mob: +91 – 9811032247