Now-a-days, the spectrum of career choices is vast and each of the career options seems to be lucrative enough to confuse students, which one to join and which one to leave. In effect, what happens is that they get carried away by sheer amount of pay packets right at the beginning of their career. However, when they go down the line, a majority of them get frustrated realizing that they have chosen the wrong profession – by the time, it is too late to change their career – And that is where one needs professional career guidance and career counseling.

We offer the most appropriate career guidance and advisory to students, so that they can opt for the right job. We have a panel of experts, who, on the basis of an overall analysis of the personality, skills, aptitude, interest etc, offer the most appropriate career counseling, so that students can take the right career decision.

We have identified some best career finding techniques that assist student to objectively assess their potential and pursue a career that best suits the individual. Our career advisory services are best suited for school students as well as graduates as well as professionals.

Guidance to decide the Stream after class Xth.
Guidance for various competitive exams.
Guidance for choosing right course in right institution.
Assessing student capability based on his strength,weekness & overall his Interest.
One Hour session with student & parent to help them decide the right pathway.
Guidance on future Prospects on the career opted by student.